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Clubhouse Rentals 

The newly renovated CPHA clubhouse is approximately 2300 sq. ft. with vinyl plank floors, and an open floor plan. There is a decorative fireplace (No fires please), open beamed ceiling, and windows along the back wall. There are front and back entrances and a third entrance via the bathroom hallway exit. Our clubhouse offers separate male and female restrooms newly renovated, which must remain available to members at all times. Renting the clubhouse does not give the renter access to the pool, deck area, and grounds of the CHPA property. The galley style kitchen area offers counter space, elevated snack bar with 4 stools, new refrigerator/freezer, 2 microwave/convection ovens, a new 30" oven and sink/disposal. For each rental, we supply the garbage bags, a vacuum, a dust mop, and a mop head.  The 17-point checklist must be fully completed after each rental, or the renter will not receive deposit back. All deposit checks will be held for a 2-week period.


Booking Procedures

  • View our EVENT CALENDAR to see if the date you wish to rent is available. You will see PRIVATE EVENT if the clubhouse is already booked that day by a resident. There are also community wide events that may be scheduled. These will also be posted on the calendar. However, DO NOT ASSUME the date is available until it has been confirmed by a member of the board. 

  • Click on Here for a direct email to the CPHA Board to request your rental date. Please allow 24-48 hours for reply. 

  • Once booked, a Board Liaison will be assigned as your point of contact throughout the remainder of the process

  • Read and review the Pool and Clubhouse rules as well. The outside patio area and pool are not included in the clubhouse rental.

  • There will be “no getting in the day before to set up” as this is cost prohibitive in relation to electricity usage and the low cost of the rental fee for a facility of this nature. Rental day is from 6:00am until 12:00 Midnight. If additional time is needed the renter will be charged an additional $100 for early access.


Fees, Deposit & Card Key

  • There will be one rental per 24 hour period. Hours of available use are from 6:00 AM until 12:00 Midnight. 

  • The renter provides a check in the amount of $100.00 for use of the CPHA Clubhouse. In addition to the rental fee, the renter provides an additional check in the amount of $200.00 as a deposit. Deposits checks will be held for 2 weeks to determine that the RENTAL CLEANING CHECKLIST has been completed in full and that no damage has been assessed. 

  • Once rental is booked, a Board Liaison will be assigned to you. This person will be responsible for collecting payment/deposit and providing you with the rental keycard to the clubhouse.

  • A paper copy of the RENTAL CLEANING CHECKLIST will be left on site the day of your rental. The checklist is to be FILLED OUT and SIGNED by the resident and left on the counter alond with the rental keycard. Your Board Liaison will confirm that all checklist items were completed and that no damage occurred during your rental, at which time your deposit check will be returned or destroyed. 

  • Multiple rentals by the same individual may be covered by the same deposit check at the discretion of the board. There will be a $100 rental fee for each rental day/period.


Layout Description 

Main room is 36' x 29' with a 13' x 8' galley kitchen area.

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